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7 Awesome Camping Hacks!


Camping can be a lot of fun. But when things take a turn, and mother nature stops cooperating, things can really suck.

Here’s 7 camping hacks we hope will make your experience even better!

#1 – Strap a head lamp onto a gallon of water. It’s cheap, easy, uses no power cords and very few batteries.

#2 – We all know how much mosquitos suck! Try this – grab some sage, add them to a campfire, and watch those mosquitos fly away!

#3 – Forget dangerous flammable liquids! Grab an empty tin of Altoids, put some cardboard in, add a little melted wax, and watch the fire burn — fast and hot!

#4 – Here’s another idea for fires — put some charcoal in a carton of eggs, light the carton, and the fire will start itself.

#5 – This one is for people who complain too much! Use some foam floor tiles to make your tent a little more comfortable. Or just suck it up!

#6 – Microfiber towels! Whoever invented these deserves an award. These towels are super absorbent and lightweight, and can be used for anything.

#7 – A regular water bottle can hold 8 eggs. If you want eggs for breakfast — you’ll have no need for extra bowls, or even a whisk! If you’re too lazy, just grab a granola bar.

Watch the above video for photos!