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Would You Pay to Watch a Pretty Girl Eat?

Would You Pay to Watch a Pretty Girl Eat?


It’s safe to say South Korean native Park Seo-Yeon is making it big! The 33-year-old woman reels in nearly $9,000 a month just for her night job…and it isn’t exactly a job.

Seo-Yeon films herself eating dinner every night for thousands of fans to watch. Some enjoy their dinner along with her.


Yes, it sounds kind of weird, but Reuters reports that one-person households are extremely common in South Korea.

So instead of being a lonely diner, fans can watch and dine along. And payment is purely voluntary.

“For Koreans, eating is an extremely social, communal activity, which is why even the Korean word ‘family’ means ‘those who eat together,'” Professor Sung-hee Park of Ewha University’s Division of Media Studies told CNN.

Afreeca TV, the social networking site that hosts Seo-Yeon’s channel, allows users to buy and send virtual “star balloons” which can be monetized after the site takes a 30-40% commission.

$9,000 a month is a pretty good income considering the average South Korean makes roughly $3,000 per month. But it isn’t all profit.

Seo-Yeon spends an average of $3,000 per month purchasing food for her show, which broadcasts between four to six hours per night.

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She cooks about a third of the food that she eats, and the rest she has delivered.

The amount she can eat is pretty impressive…sometimes more than the average college linebacker!

On one episode, Seo Yeon chows down four large pizzas, and a smorgasbord of other meals.

Seo Yeon says she’s helped at least one fan battle anorexia.

“A lot of my viewers are on diets and they say they live vicariously through me, or they are hospital patients who only have access to hospital food so they also watch my broadcasts to see me eat,” she said.