Home News Donald Trump helps boost ratings…without being on TV!

Donald Trump helps boost ratings…without being on TV!


Donald Trump is giving major TV networks a ratings boost! Without even appearing on television, millions of viewers are glued to their screens for the next best Donald Trump impersonation.

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon has been milking the opportunity – often mastering Trump’s signature hair and arrogant personality for viewer entertainment. It’s surprisingly accurate.

On October 31st, actor Dana Carvey joined the fun, mimicking Donald Trump on the Tonight Show.

“No matter what your politics are,” he told Fallon, “everyone in this room would pay money to see Donald Trump in a room with Putin.”

And of course, Trump is basking in the glory of more free publicity. He’s set to host Saturday Night Live on November 7.

“It’s called ratings,” Trump told The Post. “I go on Jimmy Fallon, he got his best ratings. One of the best nights he’s had in years. Then I did Colbert’s show. That got fantastic ratings. He beat Fallon by a lot. Since then, NBC and I get along great.”

Don’t forget – Trump sued NBC for canceling the Miss Universe pageant, but then settled the case by selling the entire operation to WME/IMG.

It’s definitely a roller coaster ride with Mr. Trump!